Be a Good Steward of Good Times

Once upon a time when I was engaged, I learned something significant … but let’s back up the story to December 23, 2014.

engaged!Ben said he was going to take me to his favorite place. So on Tuesday, we walked behind his house and over the bridge. We strolled along the creek as we admired all those childhood tree-fort ruins.

We spread out a blanket and sat. Ben looked nervous, so I made light conversation, enjoying the breeze. After awhile, we walked closer to the creek and stood. Ben bounced with nervous energy. I didn’t say anything, but I could see the outline of the ring box in his jacket pocket. So, I waited.:)

“Sierra, this isn’t my favorite place,” he finally said. “You are my favorite place.” He paused. “I love you—” Some other forgotten words followed. “Sierra, you are really important to me.” Another pause, trailed by fumbling. “Ok … erase all that. Let me start over.” He dropped to one knee, holding both of my hands. “Sierra Vaughn Brock, will you marry me?”

“Hallelujah!” I beamed. “You spit it out! Yes … yes, I will marry you!”

He slipped the ring on my finger and wrapped his arms around me, his muscles relaxing. The tongue-tied boy of moments ago suddenly talked a hundred miles an hour. I had my Ben back!

After we took some pictures under a tree by the creek, we returned to the blanket. Underneath it, I found a storybook that Ben had written and illustrated. The tale told of a man and a woman who traveled to his favorite place. Each picture showed a place that Ben and I had visited together. Each time, the girl would say, “Is this your favorite place?” or “This must be your favorite place!” Every time, the man would respond that it wasn’t.

The last page remained blank because Ben had planned on proposing and telling me that I was his favorite place. However, we had strayed so far from the blanket that Ben ended up proposing before we read the story.

After the engagement and experiencing all the happiness that unfolds alongside the dreaming, things started to complicate. Plans had to be made, logistics sorted, and other relationships tended.

When you get engaged this strange thing happens in which some of your best girlfriends have a difficult time with your joyous season. They look on while they fight hard, personal battles.

This affected me, and it showed as I became a bad steward of the good times God had given me. Could I flaunt this new season of joy? No! Could I show off through social media and conversations about the upcoming wedding? No! But could I begrudge these good times and be hesitant to live them? No, absolutely not!

Once I realized this, my engagement proceeded much more smoothly! So, if I can give you advice for the good times, I would tell you the following:

1. Remember the Giver & Praise Him!

Don’t just enjoy the good times, praise the Giver. Thank Him for these great and abundant gifts that you truly don’t deserve!

2. Rejoice personally and not just publicly.

You can be a good steward of your good times without letting the whole world in on it. Yes, share your joy and life with others! But don’t show off.

3. Experience this season fully & still be thoughtful of others.

You can’t hide behind a curtain to protect your friends from your personal season of joy. They will have to work through those difficult feelings and won’t have you to blame for their struggles. However, be considerate! If you know she struggles with singleness, don’t talk non-stop about your upcoming marriage. Be thoughtful while you enjoy this season of happiness.

God wants you to enjoy what He has given you! You must remember this and it is your responsibility and privilege to live it out.

Still learning,

Sierra Straightforward



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