Fakery Part 1

fakeryMatthew 23:12  (NIV) For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.


Yes. This is a real word. I did not neologize this. (In other words, I didn’t make up a new word.)

And yes. Neologize is also a real word.

A couple of my friends reading this right now are most likely laughing because they know all too well that I have become nearly addicted to dictionary.com. I signed up for their daily emails in order to further my vocabulary. Occasionally, I like to share with my friends a few of the new words that I have learned and sometimes they are appreciative. Other times, they laugh. One friend jokingly suggested that I unsubscribe from the daily emails because it was getting a little beyond ridiculous with some of the words I discovered and so was my excitement to share. 🙂 One of the words that stuck with me like glue was fakery – the title of this post.

So, let’s define fakery.

FAKERY – the practice or result of faking. One that is not authentic or genuine; the inclination or practice of misleading others through lies or trickery

Quite an interesting and catchy word, isn’t it?  I’m sure many of you reading this by now have already thought of ways you could use it and are just waiting for an opportunity.  That’s how I felt when I discovered it and due to what I was going through at the time – boy was it perfect! Even when it didn’t fit a situation, I would find myself just trying to make it fit because I liked saying it or texting it to friends in order to make them laugh.

“Stop with all yo’ fakery!”

“Girl, that’s just some fakery right there.”


What’s even more intriguing about this word is that although I was using it to describe what I was dealing with at the time – I never realized that it would have also described how I was acting in those situations.

Yes – my actions. My actions towards the Lord.

If the tables were reversed, and if the Lord spoke to me in this manner, He could have easily said the same things to me.

“Trina, my beloved…stop with all yo’ fakery!”

“Trina, my daughter – that’s just some fakery right there.”

Seriously? Yes.

One day, I got really honest with God about the situation I was dealing with and I began to be set free from the emotional bondage I created myself. It was after this fact that God revealed to me that I too was being fake with him the entire time I was carrying this hurt.

How was I being fake? Well, beloved, you will have to check back next week to see how this story ends…

Who knows? You may recognize yourself in some of my examples….

See ya’ next week! It’s gonna be real! (and not fake.)


One thought on “Fakery Part 1

  1. Lord, let my fakery be gone and allow me to be open and honest to myself and with others. Thank you for this post.

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