God and I

“I swim beneath the waters
with no need to come up for air.”
“I fly amongst the pine trees
with no wind to hold me there.”
“I wave in gentle breezes
from the branches of a tree,
though I’ve never seen a gardener
here to feed or coddle me .”
“I live in a world of hatred,
full of ugliness and sin,
I’ve even looked inside my heart
and see the filth within.
But water doesn’t drown the fish
-the air won’t drop the bird,
A tree grows tall where no man sees
and voices are unheard.
Since God can cause a fish to breathe
beneath the waters still,
Since God can cause a bird to fly
and flutter where it will,
Since God can cause a tree to grow
to massive heights above,
I know that He can save me
with his gentle, healing Love.”
~Helen Williams! c 2002