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Elizabeth Olmedo is a pilgrim passing through this earth on her way to her heavenly home. She desires to follow God’s leading in every aspect of her life — a goal she pursues better some days than others, but always with the Father’s help.

She grew up in
Spain, after which she pursued her writing degree at Bethel College in Indiana. Upon graduation, Elizabeth taught English as a second language before, in 2013, her journey led her to start working from home as a freelance writer, editor, and social media manager. God opened the doors for her to use those talents to help various ministries, including Christian Work at Home Ministries (CWAHM) with Jill Hart, and in 2014, she joined the Leading Young Women to Hope team. Elizabeth is excited to see where God will lead her and what plans He has for her future. With her passion for hurting women,  love for God, and heart to serve, her lifestyle is a reflection of hope in Christ. Fully understanding the mission of the ministry, she offers a variety of support to further inspire others in Christ.

Elizabeth currently lives in Spain with her German Shepherd, Ari. She enjoys reading, writing, travelling, and learning Hebrew. She has made several trips to Israel, and Lord willing, hopes to live there someday.

Katrina Hunter is the founder of Call Me Set Free, a ministry site dedicated to seeing women set free like Hannah was in 1 Samuel.

She is a native of Montgomery, Alabama and has known the Lord since 1999. In 2009 she rededicated her life to Christ while attending Fresh Anointing House of Worship, where she is currently an active member.

God has graciously given Katrina the opportunity to serve the body of Christ in many different ways. She serves faithfully in KCS Ministries and also as a leader for Women in Ministry International Jewels.

Katrina is passionate about writing and enjoys teaching to women of all ages, youth, and young adults when given the opportunity. In h
er spare time, she enjoys walking, spending time with her family and friends, and any type of creative activity.

To learn more about Call Me Set Free, Katrina, or to request her for a speaking event, visit

Sierra Fedorko is a young woman who ventured into the blogging world when she was 17 years old and she hasn’t left since! She writes regularly on her blog, Down Cottonwood Lane. As a young girl and long before blogging, she wrote simple (often cheesy) poems as her love for writing grew. During her late teen years, she suffered chronic pain that turned her life completely around.

She was no longer care-free, healthy, and energetic. Through this transition, her writing became deeper and darker. She walked fearfully for awhile, before her passion for living grew as her awareness of death loomed ever closer. After much growing, difficult nights, and thousands of tears, she recognized this valley of chronic pain as the place where she truly grasped her weakness and rested in God’s strength.

These tumultuous years taught her to write her journey down, as much as she could, for any girl to read. She desires that girls and women are able to find companionship, encouragement, and exhortation as they read what God has taught her. She believes that there will never be a time in life that she will stop learning, and she hopes to continue writing through her thoughts and experiences. She currently lives in California with her husband Ben, and their little dog Franklin.

To learn more about Sierra and Down Cottonwood Lane – Reflections of a Young Woman please visit


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