Need an Upgrade?

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? I think most of us have at one point or another. We’ve tried filling the “something” with all types of things. We may try drugs, sex, alcohol, food, friends, family, materialistic things, success, or even activities to stuff into that gaping hole in our soul. Soon we realize no matter what we try to fill the hole with, nothing seems to satisfy that missing element in our lives. Sometimes we wonder aimlessly throughout our lives in search of a way to fill a God sized hole.

Let me tell you sweetheart, there is NOTHING on this earth that has the capability to complete you like Christ. Yes, life can be a hard at times. There are days you may feel like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Not mention the days when you cry yourself to sleep or feel like screaming at the top of your lungs out of anger and frustration. Plus the times when the blows of life will literally knock you off your feet. Usually during hardships people will turn to drugs, sex, alcohol, etc. to help them cope with the issues they are having at that particular moment. However, this kind of coping mechanisms is temporary and when the high descends, the drunkenness sobers, or the binge has ended, the problem is waiting with an open hand to smack you back into the harsh reality of its unrelenting embrace.

This God sized hole that we long to fill will not be satisfied with temporal fixes, no sweetie that will never be enough. Only God can fill our vessels to overflowing. He doesn’t stop when the void is full, He wants it to overflow. He not only came for us to have life, He wants our lives to be more abundant (John 10:10). He will never leave nor forsake us. Prayer, reading and applying the word of God, and faithfully attending a bible believing church are all ways to help keep that void filled in God. Giving our unfulfilled lives to the Lord is the first step in fulfilling our destiny in Christ.

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