Run. RUN!


You don’t have to be a child to run away, teens do it, and adults do it as well. Running away doesn’t always mean to physically remove yourself from a situation…you can run away emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc.

Let’s define the word runaway – a person who runs away; fugitive; deserter; escape; unchecked; rampant. deserting or revolting against one’s  group, duties, expected conduct, or the like, especially to establish or join a rival group, change one’s life drastically, etc.

Wow! That about covers it all, don’t you think? In the Bible we have many examples of runaways. Moses (he did eventually return), Jonah, and Peter ran away too (denying Jesus three times). Have you ever ran away? Have you ever felt like running away? I have, many times, sometimes, I think if I would have ran track I would have been an Olympic Gold Winner.

Sometimes it seems as though life has a way of completely dumping on you. Some things are in your control but some things you have no control over whatsoever. Like a garbage truck to a landfill, it keeps dumping, it becomes too much and all we want to do is escape.

We become consumed with thoughts of running away, escaping, etc. In the midst of the chaos we fail to realize that if we are not running to God, we’re not escaping at all. The Bible tells us that even the very name of God is a place of protection and those who run to it will be safe. Proverbs 18:10 MSG *notice that it didn’t say run away from it will be safe*

Please don’t misunderstand, I am not advising anyone to remain in a place where they are in danger. Your life is valuable.

We also have some examples of those who decided not to run away in the Bible as well. David (as a teen he fought Goliath), Job, and the most important Jesus.

Jesus prayed to God that if it were possible to let this situation (cup) pass from Him. Matthew 26:39 He was referring to the situation in which He knew was coming, His betrayal and each painful and gruesome event leading up to His death. He knew it would be hard to take away the sins of this world and momentarily be separated from His Father. However, He also knew it had to be done to save runaways like you and me. He knew it was God’s will to sacrifice the life of Jesus to save us. He died to prevent me (and you) from being a runaway, to provide a way for us to remain in the unfailing love of God.

Lovies, my prayer is that you simply remain in God.

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  1. Great word and yes, I have wanted to run away. God is a great place to run to. Thank you for this relevant word.

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