Concerning Change | Part 1

After marrying in May 2015, my husband and I decided to step down from camp ministry and take time to pray, consider, and seek God for our next life step. While away from organized ministry, I grew as an individual, discovered things about myself that needed changing, and came to conclusions about things in heart that had been submerged.

Throughout this time, Ben and I would ask each other — So, what do you think about camp? We’d discuss the pros and cons. At the end of most those conversations, we didn’t feel any closer to a decision. Although bit by bit, we made headway.


Soon, it became clear that returning to Christian camp ministry was the next right step for us as a couple. We enjoyed camp work, loved the atmosphere, desired to serve God with all our hearts, and knew that camp ministry was a place where we could learn and grow for Christ! In December 2015, we confirmed our decision, and by January, everything was set to head in that direction.

Ben and I looked toward this next step with excitement. We prepared and enjoyed the remaining months before our move in May. When May came, it hit us hard and fast! Though eager for this new life adventure, transitioning back into camp life proved more difficult than I’d anticipated.

I wanted to take this step but struggled with all the change. Confusion and emotions warred inside me. All the new responsibilities and expectations felt unmanageable. I was overwhelmed. Questions flew through my mind. How? Why am I here? How am I supposed to do this? Change shouldn’t hurt this badly!

I experienced highs and lows, especially in those first 48 hours. As the days passed and the second week of this new life came, I felt more comfortable even as I gained confidence. However, the feeling of being overwhelmed would still rise and my physically tired body would respond in rebellion. No, I can’t! How will I make it to the end? I can’t do it! My mind continued to spin … how, how, how? NO, NO, NO.

Then, I received a gentle reminder. It was not my responsibility to deal with an entire week at once. God didn’t ask me to live Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all in one fell swoop. How often I try to live all the days in one sitting! It’s exhausting. I can’t do it. I’m too fragile. God knows this and He only give me one moment at a time. One small, real, pressing moment. “Sierra, live this moment right here, right now.”

I am not to dwell on yesterday, or worry about tomorrow. I am only to live this small, real, pressing moment. Just this one. When I do this, it isn’t overwhelming. It doesn’t break me. One step at a time brings me forward. One step at a time brings me through a busy, transitional week. One step at a time has me living life well!

One step at a time for the rest of my life sounds daunting until I actually start living this way. One step. Two. Three steps. Four. I don’t have to be afraid. I don’t have to be overwhelmed. I don’t have to give up.

What is it in your life that worries you? Are you concerned that you can’t do everything that you’re asked to do? Remember that God doesn’t ask you to live all your days at once. He gives you strength for the moment right in front of you. Live that one moment. Live it well. Live it for Him!

Throughout the rest of July, I will share some personal stories, and some practical tips that I hope will help you as you undergo your own life changes!

In Christ,

Sierra Straightforward