Your Story Is Different than Mine

Comparing my life to someone else’s always comes easily. Chances are, if you’ve been in this Internet world long enough, you’ve read a blog post — or two or three — about the futility and vanity of comparison. They are right! It destroys and leads to pride or discontent.

I’ve fallen in the comparison trap plenty of times. Too many. We all have! By this point, most (if not all!) of us know that comparison is empty and we don’t need another blog post to tell us all about its vanity. Instead, I want you to get excited about your story. Look at what you have, the experiences you’ve been through, the adventures you’ve enjoyed, the trials you’ve endured, and become excited for this gift of your life!


Not too long ago, I stumbled into the comparison game. Unrest plagued me as I pondered on what I had missed as though it held the key to my happiness. I became so absorbed in what might have been and in trying to squeeze into another person’s reality that I totally disregarded my life.

It left me drained and restless. So, I embarked on a partial media fast. I steered clear of Instagram and the Facebook Newsfeed, and I only used Pinterest for recipes. Instead, I focused on my own story. I decided to remove distractions to get to the heart of my problem.

By the end of the week, I started to see all the things that made up my story. All the opportunities and wonder I experienced daily. I got to wake up next to my husband, make coffee, take care of our home, and play with our dog. I could enjoy the outdoors and reflect on the busy wedding season I had just come through.

Removed from the clamor and clang of others’ stories, I simply lived my own! And it was wonderful. Every time I obsessed over a missed opportunity, I lost the moment right in front of me. I robbed myself of the joy and life around me because I focused on what I didn’t experience and what I couldn’t have.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit because I have been given so much. I’m sure your life is full as well. But I’m also positive that it looks totally different than mine.

Reflect on your own story this week. Take time away from social media, away from observing the lives of others, and simply live in yours. Strip all the distractions and learn to experience the moment. Social media is a good thing to have around, but it’s also one of the loudest distractors. So, sometimes we need to remove ourselves from it in order to remember the realness and wonder of our own story.

Several weeks ago, a Better Homes and Garden magazine came in the mail and, as I looked at it, I observed the beauty of other lives, the pretty decor, and the special moments of friends, but I realized I no longer wished to switch places. I have learned to share in others’ lives without wanting them for myself.

Live fully in your life and simply share in the happiness of those around you. You have an exciting story. It’s full. It’s hard. It’s all around you. But you have to choose to live in it.

In Christ,

Sierra Straightforward

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